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NFT Marketplaces Should Promote ‘Underrepresented Artists and Art Forms’

As the NFT market continues to explode, it is becoming increasingly apparent that there’s a severe lack of inclusivity and accessibility for creators from diverse cultures. Web3 has promised us a rainbow since its inception, but when it comes to non-fungible tokens (NFT), we’re still in the monochrome days.

This issue isn’t just limited to access; even after gaining access, many artists find themselves underrepresented on popular NFT platforms like OpenSea or Blur due to their focus on floor prices rather than creating an inclusive environment for all users regardless of background or experience level. As such, some talented creators are often overlooked simply because they don’t have enough resources available at their disposal — leaving them unable to compete with more established names within the industry.

At Amberfi our mission is simple: create an open and accessible platform where anyone can showcase their artwork without having worry about floor prices getting in the way of success or recognition. We believe that everyone should be able enjoy this new form digital artistry by providing tools which will help newcomers learn how best utilize blockchain technology while also allowing experienced artists take advantage of advanced features such as tokenization and smart contracts – ultimately enabling them unlock greater potential from within this burgeoning community .

Ultimately our goal is ensure that every artist – no matter what culture they come from – feels welcomed into this space so they can share unique stories through creative expression via Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). By working together towards these goals we hope make Web3 truly become a place where rainbows are possible!

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