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NYU to launch Web3 learning workshop in partnership with NEAR protocol


We’re excited to announce that NYU is launching a new Web3 learning workshop in partnership with NEAR Protocol! This innovative program will offer students the opportunity to explore and learn about decentralized technologies, as well as gain hands-on experience building applications on the NEAR platform.

The goal of this workshop is to provide students with an introduction into blockchain technology and its potential applications. Students will be able to develop skills such as smart contract development, cryptography, distributed systems engineering, game theory & economics of token economies among other topics related to Web3 technologies. They’ll also get a chance for hands-on practice using tools like Remix IDE or Near Studio while exploring web APIs and use cases for public blockchains like Ethereum & NEAR Protocols.

This collaboration between NYU’s Blockchain Lab and NEAR protocol provides an excellent opportunity for our students who are interested in pursuing careers related these cutting edge technologies – they’ll be able access world class resources from both organizations while developing their knowledge base around blockchain concepts through real projects built on top of existing frameworks available today.. We believe that this program can serve not only our current student body but also future generations looking towards embracing decentralization within their curriculums at universities across the globe!

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