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OFR-Led Crypto Veterans Group Acquires the 0N1 Force NFT Collection

Today marks a groundbreaking moment for the crypto veterans group, OFR-Led. The organization has announced its acquisition of the 0N1 Force NFT Collection, an impressive collection of digital collectibles with unique designs and stories that have been carefully crafted to capture the spirit of military service.

The 0N1 Force NFT Collection was created by veteran-owned business Oceantide Studios in partnership with Ethereum blockchain platform Enjin. It features five distinct Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collections: Honor Guard, Airborne Infantryman, Navy SEALs Operator, Marine Corps Sniper and Combat Medic. Each set contains four limited edition tokens that represent different ranks within each branch of service — Private First Class through Sergeant Major — as well as a special token honoring those who have made ultimate sacrifice in defense of their countrymen’s freedom and safety.

This is not only an exciting development for OFR-Led but also serves to honor our nation’s bravest heroes who serve on active duty or are retired from military service around the world today – both living and deceased members alike! The proceeds from this sale will go directly towards supporting veterans organizations dedicated to providing assistance programs such as housing aid grants; employment training; education scholarships; counseling services; mental health support groups & more!

These digital collectibles offer a unique way for collectors to show their appreciation for our servicemen & women while simultaneously contributing towards helping them succeed after leaving active duty life behind them – something we can all appreciate no matter what side you stand on politically! We hope this initiative encourages others out there looking into investing into blockchain technology projects like these ones which help benefit communities outside just tech enthusiasts too 🙂

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