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Over 2.2 million .eth domains created in 2022


According to the ENS Registrar, over 80% of all addresses were registered last year
Last year, users registered over 2.2 million addresses with the Ethereum Name System (ENS). This report was made by a follower of the official Twitter account of the ENS registrar (this social network is not allowed in Russia). According to the official ENS Domains website, the number of address owners is . 594, 000+ eth zones.

In an interview with WIRED, Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of the Ethereum ecosystem, stated that ENS Domains are the most successful use of non-exchange token technology (NFT).

The ENS domain is technically an NFT for a particular wallet. Transfers to this wallet require replacing the address with an easy-to-read address such as “vitalik.eth” rather than displaying the address in its normal format. Similar wallet addresses can continue to be used for authorization in decentralized applications (dApps) and for lookups in blockchain browsers such as Etherscan.

NFT-format domains can be traded on major marketplaces such as Looks Rare and OpenSea. However, the largest marketplace by volume was the dedicated marketplace for ENS domains ENS. Vision. According to the platform, the most expensive addresses “333.eth” and “metaverse.eth” sold for 100 ETH and 99 ETH respectively.

The domains are done as a form of identification in the cryptocurrency community. The lowest price (minimum price) for an address in the “999 Club” category, i.e. a 3-digit address, is 20. 22 ETH (over $46,000 at the exchange rate on January 2). Could not read all totals. Repeated retries…