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Paypal Dispels Rumors Of Adding Shiba Inu

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz circulating around the rumors that PayPal was considering adding Shiba Inu (SHIB) to its platform. However, PayPal recently released an official statement dispelling these rumors and clarifying their position on cryptocurrency.

PayPal’s Chief Financial Officer John Rainey stated in a recent interview that “We have not made any decisions on our stance regarding cryptocurrencies such as SHIB at this time and we are constantly monitoring developments in the space.” He went on to say that while they understand why people might be interested in using digital currencies like SHIB, they need more information before making any decision about adoption or support for it within their system.
In addition to dispelling these rumors, PayPal also clarified its current policy towards cryptocurrencies which is focused primarily on providing educational resources for customers who may wish to learn more about them without actually buying or selling them through the platform itself yet. This includes offering informational articles and videos related to digital currency topics as well as links out to third-party websites where users can find additional information if desired by them .

Ultimately , Paypal’s focus remains firmly rooted with traditional payments methods such as credit cards , debit cards , bank transfers etc . While there is still some speculation surrounding what role -if any- crypto will play within Paypal’s portfolio going forward; one thing is certain: They are taking a cautious approach when it comes evaluating new technologies so customers can rest assured knowing their funds remain safe under Paypal’s watchful eye .

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