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Poloniex announces the launch of sub-account feature

Poloniex, the international crypto exchange established in 2014, is gaining traction as a prominent and burgeoning platform for buying and selling a wide range of well-known crypto assets. With its competitive trading fees, Poloniex stands out from other exchanges when it comes to making cryptocurrency trades or exchanging various fiat currencies.

The beauty of Poloniex lies in its accessibility; both experienced and inexperienced traders can take advantage of this platform’s decentralized financial assets including their own decentralized exchange. As if that weren’t enough convenience already, users have the option to purchase cryptocurrencies with bank accounts as well as Visa cards, Mastercards or Apple Pay!

To further expand on their services even more so than before in 2023 they plan on introducing sub-account features which will streamline capital competence for institutions and professionals alike. This new feature should make trading much easier while also providing an extra layer of security when dealing with large sums– something we all appreciate here at Poloneix!

All things considered it’s no wonder why many people are beginning to turn towards this reliable source for their cryptocurrency needs; whether you’re just starting out or looking into investing larger amounts you’ll find everything you need right here at Poloneix!

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