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Polygon and Mastercard Launch Program for Young Musicians

Mastercard announced the launch of Polygon, a blockchain-based artist accelerator program designed to help emerging artists build their careers through Web3 The Mastercard Artist Accelerator is designed to help emerging actors build their careers through Web3.

Mastercard will select a number of artists in the spring and connect them with mentors who will undoubtedly help them build their personal music brand.

Musicians will have unique access to special events, music releases, and other happenings.” The program includes learning how to have your own brand with the support of Web3, from creating an NFT and introducing yourself in the meta-universe to becoming a community of interest.” Announcer said. Mastercard will also release a collection of non-exchangeable Mastercard Music Pass tokens specifically for members of the program. The program will conclude with an exhibition where the company will present live results from the artists.

According to Ryan Wyatt, general manager of Polygon Studios, Web3 has the potential to expand the reach of new artists. . likely to build a fan base and make money in new ways .

Polygon’s creators previously announced the launch of two test networks using zkEVM technology. The next step is reportedly the launch of a planned flagship network using zkEVM. Cannot read all totals.

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