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Polygon paid y00ts $3M to move from Solana

Non-convertible Token (NFT) mastermind DeLabs received a $3 million grant from Polygon to take DeGods and y00ts plans off the Solana blockchain.
The director of DeLabs told Discord, “He had previously been working with Solana on his own blockchain. He previously stated that his plans had moved to other blockchains because he was spending his own money on Solana and would not comment on rumors that the y00ts team had received funding from Polygon.

DeGods and y00ts are Solana’s two best NFT collections. Thus, this announcement underscores Polygon’s attraction to interesting plans from other networks.
DeLabs Scales Up Incubator with Polygon Grant

In a new statement, the founders of y00ts and DeGods say that their team was also offered significant funding, but decided to work with Polygon anyway. Frank also tried to dodge any criticism that might arise about the disclosure of the compensation obtained.

We did not take this position for the funds,” he said. It is a great award and we intend to use it effectively. We decided to do it because it is the most exciting assignment for y00ts as a project,” he wrote.
DeLabs plans to spend the funds to expand the team and launch and expand the NFT incubator, he said in a text message. This will allow for higher quality planning and new partnerships.
NFT y00ts and DeGods raise prices after Solana relocation announcement

In the past 24 hours, the minimum value of tokens from the DeGods and y00ts collections has increased 16% and 10%, respectively, to 575 SOL and 163.69 SOL. Analyst WarDaddyCapital has updated its own ATH since the announcement phase of the move with Solana NFT y00ts and DeGods.

The public believes this indicates that traders are once again focusing on this sector of the market. Cannot read all totals. Retry…