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Rare NFT of Game of Thrones Collection Sold Out in 7 Hours

The official Game of Thrones NFT collection sold out in just seven hours on Nifty’s marketplace.
This is despite the collection being mocked on Twitter for its poor image quality, as some avatars have claw-like hands. The collection has also been compared to the final season of the unpopular TV show Game of Thrones.

The current minimum price is 0.7 ETH ($93) and each NFT “box” includes an avatar, resource card, and story card. The price has therefore dropped from the original trial price of $150.

Minimum price for the OpenSea Game of Thrones: Build Your Realm NFT collection. Source: OpenSea
Be careful when purchasing NFT on the secondary market, however; on platforms other than Nifty, the opened and unopened boxes look the same. To verify that the set has not yet been opened, potential buyers can check the NFT metadata.

Buyers also reported difficulties in obtaining NFTs, duplicate deductions, and not receiving NFTs; Nifty’s stated that any processed payment for which NFTs are not linked to a wallet will be refunded.

The creators of Daz 3D said the NFT and Build Your Realm project “gives fans the opportunity to build an empire through a digital collection that includes themed events, upgradeable avatars, and iconic moments, locations, and characters from the groundbreaking TV series The Game of Thrones NFT is the first of its kind in the Game of Thrones universe.

A second series of Game of Thrones NFT will also be released on OpenSea. Not all results are available for download.

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