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Rosbank is the first to exchange tokenized gold for digital rubles.

Rosbank and the Atomyze platform hold the first tokenized gold exchange positions in the Russian Federation with the introduction of the digital ruble.

To freeze as an investor or issuer on the CFA platform, users must register for the mobile or web version of the app. The CFA ownership transfer will be displayed in the Investor and Issuer offices and the tokens will be stored in a Special registers.

The investor has a trade offer to resell the CFA for the required amount, and the prospective customer accepts this offer. The customer then settles the transaction with the investor in digital rubles.

The transfer of ownership to the CFA and the antecedent of the payment are recorded with the investor and the client itself.

The parties’ texts indicate that collusion is increasingly focused on digital currency assets and settlement in digital rubles.

In addition to Atomyze, other fintech platforms such as Lighthouse, Sberbank, and Alfa Bank are currently licensed to issue CFAs in Russia.

According to the Central Bank of Russia, as of November 2022, the first three operators have issued a total of 15 digital currency assets for a total required amount of RUB 170 million. All totals could not be loaded.

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