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Rumors spread online about Google buying 2,800,000 Solana

There are reports online that the technology company Google has acquired the virtual currency Solana; Martin Folb, CEO of Token Dynamics, writes about it in his microblog.

“Google buys 2, 800, 000 Solana at a price of $10/SOL. Google now owns the 13th largest cryptocurrency wallet [Solana]: 5MfwpEF6XPBDaBBGsiEviNe8sMeF7DZCdQeC5mdrP1pt Transaction.
Screenshot of Martin Folb’s message

Martin Folb believes that Google acquired the virtual currency during the January 2-3, 2023 phase and that the company took advantage of the 2022 virtual currency decline to buy the virtual currency at a profit.
Solana chart. Key: TradingView

Members of the cryptocurrency community have expressed concern that the author of the post has not confirmed the company’s designated wallet reconciliation. Anomalous NFTs are stored in almost any amount appropriate for a portfolio to store. Its owners likely will not have the opportunity to play such a large firm . Members of the cryptocurrency community imagine that Martin Falb has essentially decided to turn the company’s attention to crypto projects.

Recall that on November 5, 2022, the Google team announced that its cloud platform, Google Cloud, would become a Solana blockchain validator by 2023. The company also said it plans to integrate the planned tool into BigQuery, its web-based big data analytics service, in the first quarter of this year.

Previously, nearly every member of the virtual currency community predicted Solana’s demise amid the failure of virtual currency exchange FTX in November 2022. In fact, the plan itself was funded by the trading platform; the collapse of FTX automatically meant a reduction in the size of Solana’s investment.

Objections notwithstanding, the plan ran into difficulties. Experts believe that due to the damage, Solana will recover more slowly than other cryptocurrencies in 2022. Unable to load all totals. Repeated retries…