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Santiment Data Reveals Mixed Trends Among Large ETH Holders

It’s been a great week for the crypto market, with most of the top 10 cryptos trading in the green. Ethereum (ETH), which is currently worth about $1,710.36 and has seen an increase in price of 3.45% over 24 hours, is no exception to this trend – it’s also up by more than 20% over 7 days!

The altcoin’s 24-hour trading volume has decreased by more than 20%, but still stands at a respectable $9,849,552,804 according to CoinMarketCap data – making ETH one of the largest coins on the market with its current market cap standing at $209 billion USD.

Market intelligence platform Santiment recently took to Twitter on March 16th 2023 to share some interesting observations about Ethereum holders’ recent behaviour; they found that addresses holding between 10-10k ETH have collectively added more than 3 million coins over past year – showing that investors are confident in their long term prospects for this cryptocurrency powerhouse!

If you’re looking for an exciting investment opportunity then look no further: Ethereum looks like it could be set up perfectly well as we head into Q2 2023 and beyond – so don’t miss out!

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