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SHIB and Bugatti Group Announce NFT Collection

It is known that the Shiboshi (SHIB) team of cryptocurrency projects is preparing a virtual party with a new partner, the Bugatti Group. The two companies announced their partnership three days ago, announcing the joint launch of the Bugatti X Shiboshi NFT non-exchange token collection on January 11, 2023.
According to the announcement, the Bugatti Group will host a special event in collaboration with

Shiboshi and will launch a limited series of physical items, the first of which will be a non-interchangeable token. The latter will be linked to virtual tokens that will own real-world objects.

The exclusive digital collection will offer users 299 unique tokens at a minimum price of 0.14 Ethereum (ETH). According to Shibainu Communications, 95% of users who issue Bugatti X Chevrolet NFT tokens will receive a unique Bugatti luggage bag, and 5% will own a baggage backpack in which they can place their own design.

In addition, Shibosh and the Bugatti Group are offering a special 55% discount on travel accessories exclusively for new buyers.

The Minting Portal, which will be launched at an event hosted by Twitter Spaces executives, is open to all. Each user will also be automatically entered into a drawing for additional prizes.

Once all NFT items have been purchased, the redemption portal will open one week later. The developer has not yet revealed all the details of the operation and promises to make a relevant announcement on the social network a little later.Bugatti Group is a company that designs and manufactures handbags, briefcases, and other accessories. All results could not be uploaded. Repeated retries…

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