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Shopify added support for Avalanche

Service providers can mine and list NFTs through the Venly app.
Merchants at e-commerce giant Shopify can use Venly, one of the platform’s blockchain applications, to mine and list non-exchangeable tokens (NFTs) through their own storefront. This is explained on the Avalanche Blockchain blog.

Now, traders no longer need to refer clients to well-known NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, Rarible, and Magic Eden. Instead, there is a good possibility of using Venly to create NFTs on the Avalanche blockchain.

Venly, the Value 1 blockchain platform, has announced the addition of avalanche support via the Shopify NFT mint app. The service was previously only available to some Shopify users, but not all, and according to Venly, customers still do not need to own an Avalanche wallet to purchase NFTs.

They can make legal tender payments and then receive a link to the recently developed Avalanche wallet. This wallet has only its own NFTs that have just been released and can be smoothly transferred to another wallet. Additionally, Shopify merchants can use Venly to implement or use NFTs for authentication.

According to Tim Dirksens, CEO of Venly, developers and painters have every opportunity to implement NFTs through a public net channel with every opportunity to embed and link their Shopify shops.

“The Venly Shopify NFT app provides a great opportunity for users to participate in Web3 e-commerce, regardless of their technical knowledge. As a blockchain that is considered extremely fast, affordable, and environmentally friendly, Avalanche was an undeniable choice to provide businesses with remarkable functionality. We close the sale of NFT,” he added.

Shopify launched its personal NFT marketplace in late 2021. Users were soon able to issue tokens based on Ethereum, Flow, and Polygon, thanks to cooperation with several third-party blockchain providers.

Additionally, the beta version of the marketplace was only available to U.S. businesses with Shopify Plus subscriptions. The Marketplace announcement followed the launch of NFT’s direct selling service for Shopify buyers. Unable to load all totals. Retry…