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Spanish Airline Vueling Integrates Cryptocurrency Payments

Spanish budget airline Vueling is preparing the first steps to accept cryptocurrencies as payment for its own offers.

On January 14, the company announced that it is considering using blockchain and NFT technology to allow customers to purchase airline tickets using their digital assets.

To do so, the company has partnered with Criptan, a public exchange registered with the Bank of Spain that acts as a payment company and can process and execute buyers’ cryptocurrency orders.

This agreement allows us to be at the forefront of new technology and innovation, reinforces the company’s loyalty to its customers, and invites the best and most cutting-edge opinions to our website.”

The new list of options will appear on the airline’s website by the third quarter of 2023, but it is not yet clear which virtual currencies will be accepted.

Previously, Argentine airline Flybondi announced that it would release tickets in the form of NFTs, allowing users to sell them on the secondary market. The organization processes payments in Stablecoin, a USDC, with Binance Pay as the microprocessor. Unable to load all totals.

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