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SushiSwap Head Proposes 2023 Plan Goals

DEX SushiSwap aims to increase its market share tenfold by 2023. Jared Gray, the exchange’s chief executive officer, revealed that the company has set its own goals for this year.

  • Read how we’re bringing @SushiSwap back in 2023! https://t. co/KTnNgtUMaw
    – Jared Grey (@jaredgrey) January 16, 2023
    The SushiSwap team is launching a DEX aggregator and plans to enter this market sector in the first quarter. According to Gray’s lyrics, the creators have reached an important conclusion in 2022 in “stealth mode”.

‘Above all, we believe that aggregation will serve the interests of buyers with a superior pricing system. By providing more liquidity in the pool and allowing its providers (LPs) to benefit from accumulation, we can effectively benefit from this innovation. size and commissions,” said a SushiSwap executive.

The project will launch Sushi Studios, a decentralized incubator in 2023 to help improve the ecosystem.

The initiative will support autonomously funded plans that do not burden private treasuries.

Gray said a number of products are in various stages of development, including an NFT marketplace called Shoyu (launching probably in Q1) and a futures platform.

The head of SushiSwap recalled that the plan was structured by Tokenomics late last year.
‘Sushi is checking in now.~2% of the AMM market and 0% of the aggregator portion. If we can achieve our intent, we’re looking at a tenfold market share by 2023,” he said.

As a reminder, Gray led the plan in October 2022 and won the popular vote by a significant plus. Cannot read all totals.

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