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Taking Photos and Minting NFTs at the Ends of the Earth, With FOTO’s John Knopf

In recent months, a new wave of photography NFTs has hit the blockchain. From abstract art to stunning landscapes, it seems like everyone is getting in on the action. But why have these digital collectibles taken so long to catch on? To answer this question and understand more about how photographers are using Web3 technology, we spoke with John Knopf – an Emmy Award-nominated landscape photographer who works for National Geographic and co-founded FOTO (a collective geared at training artists to work in Web3).

According to Knopf, good photography often requires as much technical skill as artistic sensibility; making it uniquely fit for experimentation in Web3. However he admits that when he first entered crypto during the heady days of the NFT bull market thinking he could make a “quick buck” – but soon realized there was something far deeper going on here than just financial gain: “Web 3 is all about elevating one another and working together towards advancing our art form,” said Knopf.

FOTO now boasts hundreds of members from amateur photographers up through some of today’s most renowned professionals – including Alejandro Cartagena, Ben Strauss Cath Simard Dave Krugman Isaac ‘Drift’ Wright JN Silva Ravi Vora & many others! This collective provides its members with access not only access resources such as tutorials & workshops but also builds community by hosting regular virtual meetups & events where they can learn from each other while sharing their successes or struggles along their journey into blockchain based artwork creation.

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