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The bitcoin rate has updated a maximum of 4 months

The price of one cryptocurrency rose 24% in one week to over $21,400.

Bitcoin rose to a four-month high. on January 16, the value of one cryptocurrency exceeded $21.4 thousand for the first time since September 13. it rose 24.3% in one week and 2.5% in one day.

Bitcoin is up 27% since the beginning of the year; from January 1 to January 9, the coin’s value fluctuated in the range of $16.6 thousand to $17 thousand, then increased by $4 thousand over the course of a week, topping the $21 thousand mark.

At 9:30 Moscow time, BTC was trading at $21, 200; according to CoinGecko, the total market value of the asset is $408 billion, with a daily trading volume of $20 billion. Bitcoin’s market capitalization is 39.3%.

Major altcoins have yet to record an increase. Ethereum is up 3.4% in the past 24 hours and 22.9% in one week to over US$1,500. BNB is up 2.6% today to $306. Ripple’s price rose 3.8% to $0.4, while Polygon gained 6.2% to $1.02.

The cryptocurrency’s market capitalization rose 2.5% during the day, topping $1 trillion. Digital assets traded $63.6 billion per day, with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT taking up the third and third spaces at 39.25%, 18.3%, and 6.5%, respectively. Could not load all totals. Repeated retries…


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