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The Waves team released the mobile game Waves Duck Hunt

Blockchain platform Waves has released an augmented reality game called Waves Duck Hunt for iOS and Android. The game is available on the Plan blog.

Players search for golden eggs with NFT Waves Ducks, SPICE tokens, and other items. These will increase their username rank and unlock skills that will help them earn revenue faster.

The location of the eggs will be marked on an interactive map. To select an egg, you must walk towards it.

The Waves Duck Hunt works according to the Play-to-Earn model. Items can be implemented or used in the Waves Ducks meta-universe.

  • Cross the wavy ducks to get the more expensive ones.
    Send them on passive income strikes.
    Sold in the Waves Ducks Marketplace.
    Playing Duck Wars and Meta Race.

You must enter your email address and password to log in. No need to link your wallet. The first 10, 000 players will receive an NFT Hat. This can be sold or used to match non-exchangeable Waves Ducks tokens.

The soft launch of Waves Duck Hunt took place in September 2022. Since that phase, 1999 users have joined the game, traveling 400 miles to collect 20,000 golden eggs and win in-game items worth $40,000.
Remember that in April 2021, Waves founder Sasha Ivanov sold Waves Duck “Perfection” for USDN 1 million. Unable to load all totals. Retry…

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