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Top NFT news for the first week of January 2023

Cointelegraph revealed more major news last week from the non-redemption token (NFT) section.

Description: a phishing site offering a Pokémon-branded card game that uses Non-Fattenable Tokens (NFTs) was distributing malware. As a result, many unsuspecting players were injured.
AhnLab, a division of a South Korean cybersecurity firm, alerted members of the virtual currency community about the offered website. According to experts, instead of downloading the game, users downloaded the NetSupport Manager remote access tool, which allows attackers to take control of their devices.

Indian composer and artist Allah Rakha Rahman, best known for his bestseller Jai Ho, announced the launch of his personal meta-universe platform for artists. According to its lyrics, the fresh platform will employ “decentralized technology” and “attract fresh talent and generate direct income for artists thanks to NFT integration.”

Cointelegraph also highlighted a 26% increase in NFT sales in the first weeks of 2023. According to aggregator Cryptoslam, a total of $201.4 million in non-exchangeable token transactions took place in the first seven days of the year.

Nearly 400,000 market members executed 1.2 million transactions. Customer traffic increased by 17% during the week. The top three collections over the past seven days were Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), and Azuki, which traded nearly $19 million.

Finally, the producers of the thriller The Rideshare Killer released nearly 120, 000 original NFTs based on the Polygon network, which minted 119, 170 non-exchangeable tokens, each of which produced 83 minutes of film frames shot at 24 frames per second. film frames. The film’s producer, Tony Greenberg, assures that the development will “change the landscape of independent film.” Unable to load all totals. Retry…