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Turkey will use blockchain identification

Shortly after the central bank completed its own initial CBDC study, Turkey promoted blockchain-based digital identity applications.

Turkey is considering applying blockchain technology to the process of logging into online services. E-Devlet, Turkey’s digital government portal used to access various municipal services, applies blockchain-based digital IDs to test the Turkish population at login.

Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay announced at the Digital Turkey 2023 event that residents will be able to access e-wallet applications using blockchain-based digital identities.
Oktay called blockchain-based applications a revolution in e-government, adding that online services will be more secure and cheaper thanks to blockchain. Consumers will be able to securely store their digital information on their cell phones.

A login system that works as part of the e-wallet application will allow residents to log into their electronic devices using digital identities created on the blockchain network,” the vice president said.
Turkey has announced several blockchain-based plans over the years, but so far not enough have been sold. State intent for a state-owned blockchain infrastructure is growing by 2019. However, aside from a few pilot projects implemented rather late and the testing of digital currencies by the central bank, blockchain ambitions have yet to pay off.

As of January 2020, Turkey’s central bank in Konya is developing plans for an “urban currency.” This will allow residents to pay their utility bills, but there has been little or no follow-up with the public over the past two years. Cannot read all totals. Retry…