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Unidentified people moved 22,982 ETH “sleeping” for four years

On December 18, UNKNOWNS had received 22, 982 ETH (~2, 7.1 million dollars) had not been moved for four years. This caught the attention of PeckShield experts.

  • #PeckShieldAlert Two dormant addresses were transferred from 22, 982 $ETH (~27. 2M) to two new addresses, last moved in October 2018 (1, 535 days ago).
    These $ETH are from Genesis and Poloniex photos. Twitter. com/MXKpLnypif
    – PeckShieldAlert (@PeckShieldAlert) December 19, 2022

Amounts of 13, 103, 99 ETH, and 9878 ETH were transferred from two addresses to two new addresses. The assets were previously from the Genesis and Poloniex trading platforms.
The price of the virtual currency ranged from $220 to $225 at the time of the move in October 2018. Some funds were received in February of that year when estimates were $756 and $869. Ethereum is currently trading at nearly US$1182.

PeckShield analysts did not reveal any details other than the pattern of cryptocurrency movements.
Data: PeckShield.

Most commentators link the asset to the core DAO of the DeFi project.

Movements of long-dormant funds with unknown owners have traditionally attracted the attention of the community. Typically, this includes early bitcoins.

500 BTC in May 2021 (~27.6 million) for the first time since the 2013 merger; in September, 616 BTC that had been “dormant” since 2012 were moved by unknown persons. Unable to upload all results. Repeated retries…