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USDC depeg will hinder stablecoins’ growth, increase regulatory scrutiny: Moody’s

The traditional banking sector has been facing turmoil in recent weeks, culminating in USD Coin (USDC) losing its peg. This could have a negative impact on the adoption of stablecoins and possibly lead to increased calls for regulation. That’s according to credit rating agency Moody’s Investors Service, which recently published a Sector Comment report detailing these potential risks.

The report points out that fiat-backed stablecoins had previously shown “remarkable resilience” throughout past scandals such as the collapse of FTX – but events like USDC de-pegging suggest their stability may be limited by reliance on off-chain financial institutions. The sudden collapse of Silicon Valley Bank is an example of how this can negatively affect users who rely upon these services for their funds or transactions involving digital assets like USDC or other cryptocurrencies .

Moody’s warns that further instability within the traditional banking system could cause more disruption for users holding fiat-backed stablecoins, leading them to question whether these coins are really reliable stores of value after all – potentially undermining confidence in such products going forward and increasing calls for regulation from government bodies around the world.. Additionally, it raises questions about how much trust we should place into any form centralised finance product when it comes with so many associated risks .

Overall , while there is still much uncertainty surrounding what will happen next , one thing remains clear: if current trends continue then regulators will need to step up and provide greater oversight over both existing systems as well new entrants into this space – not only ensuring consumer protection but also providing reassurance that our money is safe despite market volatility .

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