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Voyager’s Binance US Sale Plan ‘Full Steam Ahead,’ Counsel Says

Voyager Digital, the cryptocurrency asset broker and trading platform, is pushing forward with its plans to offer a sale of its Binance US shares. According to reports from Bloomberg Law, Voyager’s counsel has said that the company is “full steam ahead” on this plan.

The news comes after Voyager announced in August that it had signed a definitive agreement with Binance US for an equity stake in the digital currency exchange. The transaction was expected to close by October 30th and would give Voyager access to up-to-date market data as well as other benefits associated with being a shareholder of one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges.

The sale will be conducted through two tranches: one offering 40 million Class A ordinary shares at $4 per share; and another offering 8 million Class C ordinary shares at $8 per share (the latter representing preferred stock). This structure allows investors who purchase both classes of stock equal voting rights while also providing them additional liquidity options if they choose not to hold onto their investments long term or want more immediate returns on their investment capital.

While exact details about when these offerings may become available have yet been revealed by either party involved in this deal, some analysts believe we could see them launch before year end depending on how quickly regulatory approvals can be obtained from applicable authorities such as FINRA or SEC .

All eyes are now focused on what happens next for both companies following completion of this major transaction which could potentially open up new opportunities within both organizations’ operations going forward into 2021 – namely increased customer base expansion initiatives , improved user experience features via product & service enhancements , plus much more . We look forward seeing how things unfold over time !

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