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Warner Bros backs Ethereum ecosystem as it migrates Blocklete Golf to ImmutableX

Immutable continues its partnership with Warner Bros with the launch of the web3 mobile game Blocklete Golf from Discovery Sports on Immutable X.

Warner Bros web3 adoption

Last month, Warner Bros added a web3 quiz game to create the Bleacher Report Watch-to-Earn (B/R W2E game.) In addition, Warner is furthering its partnership with Immutable by migrating Blocklete Golf from the Flow blockchain to Immutable X. The migration is reportedly due to the “fast transactions and gas-free NFTs minting backed by Ethereum’s robust security and decentralization.”

Andrew Sorokovsky, VP of Global Business Development at Immutable, commented that,

“[Warner Bros]dedication to pushing the envelope and early adoption of web3 proves that decentralized solutions are on the fast track to mass adoption — offering millions of people new and exciting ways to interact with entertainment mediums while retaining full control over their digital assets.”

In addition, Yang Adija, SVP of Digital Operations and Innovation for WBD Sports, called the move to Immutable “a natural choice for us.”

Blocklete Golf

Blocklete Golf is an interactive traditional mobile golf management game that allows players to guide golfing characters across virtual links in PvP matchups and tournaments. The game features the evolved Play-and-Earn model, which has become the default for many games looking to move away from the Play-to-Earn model, which saw Axie Infinity rise to stardom during the last bull run.

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