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WazirX Terminates This Service Amid Power Dispute With Binance

The cryptocurrency exchange industry is constantly evolving and changing, as new technologies and regulations come into play. One of the latest developments to hit the scene is WazirX’s decision to terminate its services amid a power dispute with Binance.

WazirX has been an up-and-coming player in the crypto space since it launched in 2018, offering users a variety of trading options including spot trading, margin trading, P2P lending and more. Recently though they have been embroiled in a dispute with Binance over their use of proprietary technology which was developed by WazirX but used by both exchanges without proper licensing agreements being put into place.

As such, WazirX has decided that it will be terminating all services related to this technology starting from April 1st 2021 onwards until further notice or until new terms can be agreed upon between both parties involved – namely themselves and Binance Exchange Ltd (BEL). This means that any users who have funds stored on either platform should transfer them out before this date if they wish to continue using them elsewhere or risk losing access indefinitely due to these ongoing disputes.

For those looking for alternative solutions during this period then there are still plenty available on other platforms like Coinbase Pro or Kucoin which offer similar features at competitive prices so you won’t miss out too much whilst waiting for things between BEL & WRG settle down again soon enough hopefully!

Ultimately though regardless what happens next we must remember that disputes like these are part & parcel when dealing with cutting edge financial technologies such as cryptocurrencies so always do your research beforehand just incase something unexpected occurs along the way..

Cryptonium Editors