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Will these games be Axie Infinity’s main competitors?

NFT gaming has long been an important sector of the virtual currency and gaming industry. The first parallels of these plans were already discovered in 2017. The first game in this genre was Crypto Kitties. This is a simulation game that allows users to breed, care for, and sell adorable cats. At the time, however, this plan was not widely popular. In fact, in 2018 one famous NFT game was released – Axie Infinity.
The sudden explosion in popularity and global success of NFT games brought them into the spotlight; these games, such as Axie Infinity and Crypto Kitties, became the talk of the town among players and token hunters alike.

For example, why is Axie Infinity so popular?

You may have heard about World of Warcraft. Arguably the most famous MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) of all time. Well, Axie Infinity can be seen as its blockchain-based cousin, where collectibles are replaced by non-exchangeable tokens and users can earn cryptocurrency with in-game gold.

Axie Infinity is an NFT-based game created by Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis. When developing the game, the creators were inspired by the concept of Nintendo’s famous Pokemon franchise. The game has its own ecosystem and numerous little monsters called bees. Players have every opportunity to breed, raise, sell, or fight, including households or teams of other users. For their own bees, players have the chance to build houses or entire kingdoms.

All hand monsters in the game are considered NFT Persons, as are all devices and resources in the game. Players have every chance to exchange their bees for real money on the Axie Infinity trading floor. The game also has its own virtual economy. Users use two cryptocurrencies: SLP (or Smooth Love Potion) and AXS (or Axie Infinity Shard). With these coins, players have the chance to purchase fresh axes, land, farms, and more.

Today, Axie Infinity has a market capitalization of nearly $3 billion and sales of $1.1 billion. Its popularity has surpassed all competitors and it is currently considered the most profitable NFT game on the market.

Other NFT Games Gaining Popularity

The market for NFT games continues to grow. Intriguing new game plans are being released daily that are proving to be excellent and attracting the attention of players and traders alike. Numerous games are slated for release and look promising even in the production phase. This article discusses Axie Infinity’s counterparts, which are expected to compete with Axie Infinity in the near future.

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