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With strong growth in 2022, XDC Network looks forward to a fruitful new year

In the past year, the XDC Network has witnessed a series of significant innovations and the adoption of blockchain technology, ushering in a new era for the XDC ecosystem and its loyal community.

In 2022, the network reinforced its position as the premier trade finance blockchain, supporting many money-related applications and gaining unparalleled recognition. in March, the XDC Network became the Blockchain Supply Chain Association’s first blockchain In April, the network was one of the few publicly traded blockchains named in the World Trade Organization memo “TradeTech Outlook for Layout.

In July, the TRADA token was launched on the XDC network, the first fully regulated, exchangeable security token that is rich in trade finance and allows both institutional investors and retailers to participate in a previously unavailable asset class. the TRADA Following its issuance, the XDC network was launched at the ITFA conference in Porto, Portugal.

2022 was all about some exciting plans: in September, leading blockchain-based money market infrastructure and product company Securency announced that it would deploy a personal digital asset composer on the XDC Network. Luna, through Fluent and Impel, announced the introduction of US+, a regulated stablecoin, to its network; STASIS did the same with EURS, the largest Euro coin.

Another 2022 Outcome :
– The Dubai Multi-Commodity Center, the largest free trade zone in the United Arab Emirates, has partnered with Comtech Gold to tokenize gold tokens (CGO) on the XDC Network, enabling blockchain-based trading of physiological gold bullion.
– The XDC Network was a finalist in the Fintech Finance Awards 2022.
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