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XRP Holders to Be Rewarded With Airdrop From Korea’s Largest Crypto Exchange

Upbit, one of Korea’s largest crypto exchanges, recently announced its participation in an airdrop of xCORE tokens for all XRP holders. In addition to them, rewards will go to holders of SOLO – the token of one of the top projects on the XRP Ledger Sologenic. Earlier another major exchange MEXC also announced a similar event.

To get xCORE on Upbit as an XRP or SOLO owner you need to have tokens in your exchange balance at the time when snapshot is taken which is scheduled for March 24th at 1:00 p.m Korean Standard Time (KST). The actual distribution itself will take place later on May 15th with 50 million total tokens distributed equally between both parties -XRP and SOLO owners alike .

In its announcement Upbit has warned that support for this airdrop does not guarantee that it will be supporting transactions involving these coins afterwards and two hours before taking snapshot it’ll suspend deposits and withdrawals related with both currencies mentioned above-XPR & Solos .

xCore is described by UToday as “a trustless cross-chain bridge protocol designed to connect different blockchains together while providing users with access to their assets across multiple networks without having any single point failure risk associated with custodial solutions like Atomic Swaps.” It’s clear from this description why such technology would be attractive -it offers flexibility combined security over traditional methods used today , so we can expect more people participating in upcoming events regarding Coreum project since they offer both convenience & safety during process making transactions much easier than ever before .

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