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XRP Ledger Gets New Amendment, Here’s What It Should Fix

According to XRP Scan, there is an 82.35% consensus to use the new modifications to the XRP Ledger, with 27 of the 34 validators voting in favor. Voting continues for two more weeks until January 17, so let’s take a look at what the ballot needs to change or fix at XRPL.

The change, called CheckCashMakesTrustLine, is intended to self-create a trust section to store XRPL tokens purchased using Checks. This innovation is intended to improve system efficiency and speed. Previously, in order to “redeem” a check, a special transaction had to be sent to manually create a trust line for the received token.

This change is considered a more expeditious addition to the previous Checks functionality, which relied on the XRP Ledger’s Cardboard Check feature. This allows the sender to sign the transaction and create a check for the recipient with a specified maximum required amount.

The user can later cash the check and the recipient receives the specified required amount. Once the check is cashed, the money is transferred.

This innovation was introduced over two years ago, but the amendment was only recently approved.
The previous major change to XRP Ledger could be XLS-20, which provides perfect workability for creating and using NFT applications in the ecosystem. Unable to load all totals. Repeated retries…