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Yield Guild Games raises $13.8 million in token sale led by DWF Labs, a16z crypto

We are excited to announce that Yield Guild Games, a blockchain gaming platform, has raised $13.8 million in its token sale led by DWF Labs and a16z crypto. This is an exciting milestone for the company as it continues to build out its innovative platform and create new opportunities for gamers around the world.

Yield Guild Games is on a mission to revolutionize gaming with blockchain technology. The team believes that this technology can help bring about greater transparency and trust between players, developers, publishers, and other stakeholders in the industry while also creating more secure ways of playing games online. With this funding round they will be able to further develop their decentralized applications (dApps) which will enable users from all over the world access their favorite video games without having any central authority controlling them or taking fees from transactions within these dApps platforms .

The funds raised through this token sale will go towards developing new features such as digital asset trading systems where gamers can securely trade items like skins or weapons with others across different platforms; enabling cross-platform play so players on one system can join friends playing on another; building tools that allow game developers to easily integrate cryptocurrency payments into their products; introducing new forms of rewards programs based off of player achievements ;and much more!

This investment marks yet another major step forward for Yield Guild Games’ vision of bringing true ownership rights back into video game economies using blockchain technologies – something no other company has been able do before now! We look forward seeing how they continue grow over time thanks support from both DWF Labs & A16Z Crypto investors alike!

Cryptonium Editors