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Yuga Labs to Replace Logo That Apes a Kids Drawing Guide

At Yuga Labs, we believe that a logo should represent the values of your company and brand. That’s why we recently decided to replace our old logo with one that better reflects who we are as an organization.

Our previous logo was inspired by a child’s drawing guide – it featured cartoonish characters in bright colors and lacked sophistication or nuance. We felt this wasn’t reflective of our mission or the services we offer, so after careful consideration, it was time for something new!

We worked with professional designers to create a modern look for our brand identity – something bold yet sophisticated enough to capture the essence of what Yuga Labs stands for: innovation through technology-driven solutions. The result is an eye-catching design featuring sleek lines and geometric shapes which symbolize progress while conveying trustworthiness and reliability at its core.

Our new visual identity has already been well received by both clients and employees alike; they appreciate how it accurately represents us as a company while still being visually appealing enough to attract potential customers too! We hope you like it just as much – if not more – than before!

Cryptonium Editors