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Yuga Labs Turns NFT Coins into a Dookey Dash Game

Yuga Labs, creator of the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection, has announced plans to turn the NFT yachting process into a game.

The startup today announced its next online game, in which players must navigate the sewers to earn rewards in the form of NFTs.

Beginning January 17, players will receive a free “Sewer Pass” that gives them access to a course called “Dookie Dash.” They then have until February 8 to earn as many points as possible to earn the power supply, the purpose of which remains unclear.

Anyone with a pass can play the game, even if they do not have an NFT Bored Monkey.

Players may play as many times as they wish during the three-week period.” Players are rewarded based on their results in the sewers. When the sewers are closed, the leaderboard will freeze. Once points are checked, the appropriate paths will be prepared. Challenge and the key with the most points will be awarded,” Yuga said in a statement on the website. The challenge will take place on February 15, one week after the game ends.Yuga Labs is a heavyweight in the NFT market and was worth $4 billion in a $450 million round led by a16z last year. Not all results are available for download. Repeated retries…

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